Wildlife food plots

Providing supplemental nutrition is beneficial when attracting and keeping wildlife on your property. Offering a variety of tasty treats such as clover and turnips will keep animals interest. We stock only the most successful seed species including Turnips, Sugar Beets, and a variety of clover to name a few. If you are in the market for a premixed food plot mix then check out our selection of Brier Ridge™ products.   

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Brier Ridge™ Products

Bucks Banquet Mix

This mix is a variety of both annual and perennial seed including clovers, chicory, turnips and trophy rapeseed. 

Deer County Point Builder

High quality perennial clovers, forage grass, chicory and annual rapeseed will provide your property the nutritional source deer can't resist.

Deer County Trail Mix

This blend of alfalfa, forage grass and clover was developed to attract deer and other wildlife through spring, summer and fall.    

Rut N Ready Wildlife Mix

Fall seeding is recommended for this specially formulated blend of unique brassicas that will offer wildlife a food source throughout the winter months. 

Sucraseed™ Sweet Spot Mix


Food Plot Herbicides

Arrest Max


Grass Control 

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Broadleaf Control 

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