Custom Lawn Care Program

Be the Envy of your neighborhood with our custom lawn care program. Our lawn care experts will help design the perfect program to meet your busy schedule and lawn goals.  With as little as four lawn fertilizer applications per year your lawn will be weed free, lush, and healthy in no time.   

How the Program Works

White Front Feed & Seed offers our own 4 Step Customized lawn care program. The Green Envy Lawn Care Program  is comparable to other turf builder and 4 step programs on the market, however we will save you money! As a member of the program you will receive adequate one on one time with our experts. Our knowledgeable staff will listen to your lawn care concerns and help develop a program that is right for you. When it is time for a lawn treatment we will contact you, no more guessing if it is the correct time for an application. 

***Additional Treatment Options are Available*** 

***Broadcast Spreaders are FREE to use for all Program Members***

Fertilizer Components

Applying Fertilizer throughout the year is a vital step to maintaining a thick lush lawn. Fertilizer has three main components: The first number (nitrogen) promotes dark green color and growth. The second number (phosphate) aids in seed development,  while the third number (potash) helps with root development. 

Step 1: Late Winter/Early Spring

Recommended Maintenance

Spring is a good time to dethatch your lawn after it is matted down from the winter. Aerating is also an important step in maintaining your lawn, it reduces soil compaction and increases nutrient flow to the roots.  


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Crabgrass Preemergent

Applying a crabgrass preemergent fertilizer will prohibit most seeds from germinating. Application timing depends on the ground temperature. As a Green Envy member, we will notify when to apply.

**Do not apply preemergent if planning to overseed***

New Seeding & Overseeding

Spring is a good time for planting new seed and to overseed your lawn. We carry dozens of turf grasses that vary in color, texture, quality and root system. Let our experts help you choose what seed best fits your needs. 

Grass Seed Information

Step 2: Late Spring/Early Summer

Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf Weed Examples: Dandelions, clover, thistles and creeping charlie.

We carry both liquid and granular herbicides to control these weeds. 

Grub Control

Damage from grubs usually doesn't appear until August. Applying a preventive grub control can help protect your lawn from these pests. We stock a complete line of Grub Control products. 

Granular Fertilizer

Fertilizer application at this time is important to help keep your lawn healthy through the summer months. We have a wide variety to choose from, call or stop by to see your options.

Optional Step: Summer

Summer Heat

Summer is a tough time for lawns due to the high temperatures and low precipitation. A lot of lawns will turn brown and go into a semi dormant stage. 


Slow release fertilizers provide a delay in the release of nitrogen to prevent burning of the lawn when temperatures are on the rise.


During the summer months it is not recommended to mow your lawn shorter than 3 inches. Doing so can cause additional stress and damage the plant. Watering your lawn is always encouraged if it is dry for several days in a row. 

Step 3: Late summer/Early fall

Yard Damage

During this time your yard may be showing signs of damage, it is important to determine the cause. Grub damage and fungal disease may leave your lawn with yellow or brown areas that are not appealing to the eye. This is most likely grubs and you can tell by peeling back the dead brown spots and look for little white grubs about 1/4 inch long. Our staff can help find the appropriate fungicide or insecticide for your lawn. 

Postemergent Crabgrass & Broadleaf

Late July and into August is when you will notice crabgrass starting to emerge. Herbicides specifically formulated to control crabgrass will not damage turf grass when applied at the recommended label rates.  A second application of a broadleaf herbicide is also recommenced at this time. Two yearly applications of a broadleaf herbicide will help maintain a beautiful weed free lawn. 

Planting Seed

Although spring is a good time to seed a lawn, the fall is a much better time. The new seedlings don't have to endure a hard summer. There is also an abundance of moisture this time of year. We carry dozens of high quality grass seeds as well as starter fertilizer for all of your seeding projects. 

Grass Seed Information

Step 4: Fall/Early Winter


Basic fall maintenance helps prepare the lawn for the winter and spring months ahead. Removing leaves and other yard debris helps reduce the chance of developing diseases. The final mowing of the year should be at a shorter height than normal. Combining basic maintenance techniques and proper fertilizer applications will help you achieve a nice, thick, weed free lawn.


Fall fertilizer is an essential step in maintaining a healthy lawn. This application helps replenish nutrients that the soil lost during growing season. This application will also help strengthen the root system and provide the grass with everything it needs to be successful through the winter dormant months. 

Frost Seeding

Frost seeding a lawn can be an effective way to overseed your lawn. For this type of application to be successful it is critical that the ground be froze and for direct seed to soil contact is established. Removing leaves and other debris as well as cutting the grass shorter than normal will benefit the new seed and existing grass. 

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